Hipoplasia Cerebral Felina

Here is "Gordon" as a kitten and later as an adult (today) at the end of the video (15 months old). He was birthed by his mother in the rafters of a barn, and fell down from the nest, then he was taken in by us. Although his condition may be due to the fall, it has the symptoms of Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It's almost like his hind motor skills are separate from his front. As a kitten he would frequently flip over forward (seen once in the video).

We now nickname him "Dink" because on hard floors his deliberate footsteps are "dink, dink..." As an adult he is able to function fine, not all cats with this condition are so lucky. The only thing special about his care is blocking him from stairs to another level of the house with a baby gate. The more he is able to concentrate on his standing/walking/running, the better he is able to do. When his attention is diverted, that's when he tends to fall over.

This cat is very people friendly brings us a lot of love. The black cat in the video is blind, and it's the same story with him. Please give imperfect animals a chance!


Es una ternura de gato, otra muestra mas de la capacidad q tienen los gatos para adaptarse a las adversidades y mas aun cuando tiene quien les de cariño, comprensiòn y sobretodo una oportunidad
Asì es chicas, los animales nos dan ejemplo, hay gente q con problemas mìnimos se tira para atràs.

Ademàs todos merecemos una oportunidad, a mi tambièn me emocionò mucho,por eso deseè compatirlos con vosotros.