How to choose materials for Cat bedding?

There are many options to be bedding materials for cat

Bedding material is among the utmost importance that farmers need to carefully consider before making a decision. Since the bedding materials are used for cat for the whole day, or several days, and cats touch them very often, they affect much to the cats' health.

The bedding materials used for cat requires many strict standards, such as bring the comfort to the cats, good absorption capability, availability.

Bad choice of cat bedding materials can make the cat feel uncomfortable, increase the injuries in cats, and affect badly to the cats' health. Conversely, good choice of cat bedding materials can reduce the cases of lameness, make the cats feel comfortable, therefore help them grow better. They also absorb moisture well, and in turn controls the levels of bacteria in the environment which can be harmful to the health of your cats.

There are many types of materials can be used for cat bedding that you may consider, they are: straw, sand or dried compost, soybean, or even newspaper, ... However, in this post, I would like to share about the organic materials made from wood: wood shavings and wood pellets.

Wood shavings

Wood shavings are the waste obtained when wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machines like planers and milling machines. Wood shavings do not have a fixed size or shape. Depending on the requirements, wood shavings can be made into different sizes.

Pine wood shavings

Generally, pine wood shavings are used for cat bedding, since there is a strict requirement: wood shavings used for cat bedding must be made from 100% pine wood. Pine wood shavings are among the best choices since they show great capability in absorbing moisture. The cat manure is very moist, and if the bedding material isn't very absorbent, it will turn to a stinking, rotting, slimy mess in no time. The more absorbent a bedding material is, the less smelly your coop will be, and the longer you can go without changing bedding.

Pine wood shavings

Moreover, wood shavings are also dry, which makes the cat comfortable. They also have slight fragrance, which can kill the bad smell of ammonia in the stall or the stable. They are also low in cost, so they are very economical for farmers.

Wood shaving packing

Wood shaving packing

Wood pellets

Like wood shavings, wood pellets also show great advantages when applying them for cat bedding. The wood pellets used for cat bedding also require making from 100% pine wood. The absorbent ability of wood pellets is even stronger than wood shavings, although they are quite small in size. Pine wood pellets are extremely absorbent and so any liquid waste will be quickly absorbed into the bedding, making it far more hygienic and healthy than straw or shavings. They are also easy to lay, provide great support for your cat and are quick to muck out.

Pine wood pellets

Although the prices of wood pellets are a little bit higher than the others, using pine pellets is still very economical as you need a smaller amount of wood pellets compared to others as they can be used in quite a long time. Over time you will need to use less than you would with other bedding materials. A single bag of wood pellets will last at least as long as a whole bale of shavings.

Pine wood pellets

Wood pellets packing

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