I want to share the way to use wood pellets for cats accurately

The farmers or the cat owners have voted wood pellets as one of the best choices for their cats bedding. They are absorbent, hygiene, easy to use and cost-saving also.

How to set up wood pellets for your cats?

In fact, it is very easy to set up wood pellets for your cats. All you need are a bag of pellets, the scissors, and water (warm water could be better). Then you follow the following steps:
First, you use the scissors to cut a cross shape in the plastic, then tuck the flaps inside the bag.
Then, Pour the water into the opening area (the amount of water also depends on the amount of wood pellets, but normally we should use a bucket of water). Warm water would be better since the process would be a bit faster, but cold water work as well so do not worry if you do not want to spend time heat the water.
After pouring in, the water would be fully absorbed by wood pellets in about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you will see the magic when the wood pellets will expand 4 times compared to the original size. Then you just pour them out and then they are ready for your cats.

Pine wood pellets

How to store wood pellets in the right way?
  1. Place wood pellets in a high, dry, cool place
Although packed in PE bags, during transportation and storage, if tablets are regularly placed in wet locations, the moisture will easily enter into the wood pellets packs.
Therefore, during transportation and storage, it is recommended to place the compressed wood in a high, dry, cool place. To set the Tablets under direct sunlight as it can degrade the cuticle causing moisture to penetrate and damage wood pellets.
  1. Use the private warehouse to store wood pellets
Make your own a carefully hygroscopic warehouse to store wood pellets. Storing wood pellets together with other objects and furniture can make wood pellets wet. Specifically, wood pellets often have low humidity, so it is easy to contain water vapor when exposed.
Therefore, a warehouse should be dedicated to storing wood pellets to prevent mold from arising.

owood pellets in PE bag

Wood pellets in Jumbo bags.

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