Pine wood pellets are gaining popularity as a source of animal bedding material. Compared to other kinds of bedding materials, what are the advantages of pine wood pellets over others to be chosen as one of the top bedding materials? Let's explore and find out the reasons in this post.

Pine wood pellets

First and foremost, Pine wood pellets are actually made from agricultural or forestry wastes of pine wood. Pine wood Pellets animal bedding shall be processed via the process of checking raw materials, screening & cleaning, pressing, cooling to finish products.

In fact, the pine wood pellets used for cat bedding have strict requirements. Normally, the animal bedding pine wood pellets are made from 100% pine wood. Compare it with other animal bedding, pine wood pellet shows a better adsorbing performance which can adsorb the animal excrement, lower the ammonia gas in the stable to keep the bed clean and dry.

Pine wood pellets

Going to details, pine wood pellets show better performance in terms of absorption, meaning the bed conditions are cleaner and drier than before. Pine wood pellets bedding can soak up urine rapidly, meaning that wet spots are more confined and can be easily removed. In turn, lesser quantities of pine wood pellets are required in comparison to other bedding materials - as when soaked, they expand to several times their original volume. Reducing the hassle for you - less time and effort is required to muck out the bed.

Pine wood pellets packing

Pine wood pellets packing in the factory

Pine wood pellets

Right now, pine wood pellet is becoming the most popular animal bedding. As the strict requirements of the raw materials, the cost of producing pine wood pellet for animal bedding is a bit higher than normal wood pellet. But, World Export can still provide reasonable priced pine wood pellet. Because of its excellent adsorbing performance, pine wood pellet is still the most cost effective animal bedding choice.

Our factory

Pine wood pellets factory

Our pine wood pellets are made from 100% biodegradable pine, our pelletized animal bedding contains zero additives, binders or chemicals making it an all-natural, sustainable solution to keeping your animals healthy and comfortable.

Our factory

If you want to find pine wood pellets which works best for your animal bedding, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are World Export , one of the top wooden product suppliers and wooden waste product manufacturers in Vietnam. WE have factories and the most skillful workers and modern production lines to ensure you the best quality. We are always willing to give you advice and answer your questions.

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