Wood shavings as bedding material for cats

I have read and researched the benefits of mixed wood shavings, and I want to share what I have found for you guys.

Wood shavings are used in many countries.

Wood shavings are one of the best bedding material for your pets, especially for your horses. Wood shavings bring so many significant advantages when applying them for animal bedding. Therefore, wood shavings have been used in many industries and territories for their huge benefits. For example, they are used in Middle East, especially in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, ... they are also used in Korea and Japan for cow and horse bedding. So, what are the reasons for the wide use of wood shavings?

Pine wood shavings

Mixed wood shavings

Wood shavings absorb moisture well and easy to clean

First of all, wood shavings are among the best animal materials because they have great ability in absorbing moisture. When choosing the bedding materials for your animal, especially for your horses, the moisture-absorption ability is one of the top considerations. Because the animals would easily get ill if the bedding materials do not have that ability.


Besides, everyone knows that the manure of animals are rotten and make the animal bedding wet and dirty. That would also create bad bacteria which are extremely harmful for your horses. Using wood shavings can tackle all of those problems since they are easy to clean, good moisture - absorption ability. Therefore, the bed of your animals will be clean, and will not smell bad due to the deodorizing ability of wood shavings.

When applying wood shavings for your horses, one notice should be your top-of-mind is that you should remember to leave the door open some times in a day to let the smell fly away. Then, the effectiveness of wood shavings can be maximized.


Wood shavings are environmentally - friendly

Another advantage of wood shavings that you should consider to use this type of material for your horse bedding is that wood shavings are mostly made from wood waste products. For example, at World Export Limited Company, wood shavings are made from pine wood wastes or mixed from the waste of pine wood, rubber wood or acacia wood. The wood wastes collected will go through cleaning step, processing step through some specializing machines and drying, they are ready to use.

Wood shavings can also be used for burning as an alternative for coals or fuel which are harmful to the environment. Wood shavings can be recycled and easily degradable. Therefore, using wood shavings can benefit for the environment also.



In conclusion, we can see that wood shavings are absorbent, easy to use, easy to clean and can be applied for other industries. Wood shavings ensure the health of your horses, provide them a comfortable bedding to live. With the mentioned benefits, why don't you have a try of our wood shavings?

We have our own factories to manufacture and export types of wood shavings from pine, rubber and acacia wood as required. We offer you not only high quality but also reasonable price products. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

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